Charlesson’s Drug Pipeline

Charlesson has several drug candidates and delivery methods under investigation for the treatment of retinal disease. For more information on a specific drug candidate, click on the links to the left. The following summarizes the development status of each candidate:

CLT-005 is a small molecule compound with potent anti-inflammatory and anti-angiogenic activity. CLT-005 inhibits modulations in cellular transcription that occur in response to inflammatory or angiogenic factors. (More info)

Other Programs – Charlesson has identified three other promising therapeutic strategies, including novel small molecule and biological drugs, with novel and differentiating mechanisms of action. These research programs are being developed as the next wave of drugs for novel ophthalmic indications including uveitis, glaucoma (neuroprotection), and some forms of congenital blindness. These compounds are expected to present a significant growth opportunity for Charlesson. (More info)

Ophthalmic Contract Research